Frequency Response:

25 Hz to 25k Hz


Installation Guide

90 dB
6 ohms, 3.8 ohms Minimum

Power Requirement:

10 W Minimum, 200 W Maximum


8", 2nd Generation Aluminum S.V.F. Woofer x 2


6-1/2", 2nd Generation Hard Surround Carbon Fiber Driver with S.V.F., M.F.D.S. & R.P.R.D.


1� Silk Dome


150 Hz, 3k Hz
Black Piano High Gloss


Upper Cabinet H 340 x W 300 x D 365
Lower Cabinet H 700 x W 300 x D 465


Upper Cabinet 21 Ibs (Unpacked)
Lower Cabinet 65 Ibs (Unpacked)

Special Features:
  1. With S.V.F. and M.D.S., the newly designed 2nd generation midrange driver is built with hard surround to further improve the performance in terms of speed and clarity and Rear Pressure Reduce Device (R.P.R.D.) to minimize the rear pressure reflection influence.
  2. Matching drivers with cabinets perfectly instead of music killing capacitors, the new crossover design achieves the extreme phase accuracy.  No low frequency cut on midrange, and all drivers are in 1st order arrangements.
  3. 2nd generation aluminum woofers for lower base extension to 25Hz.
  4. Adjustable tilt angle for top cabinet in the effort of finding the sweet spot (with laser pointer).
  5. Top cabinet 3 point placement with bronze bearing spheres for easy installation.
  6. Room Reactance Control for adjusting treble in different room conditions.